I enjoy sunsets and long walks on the beach and tropical breezes.  Being a travel site, of course I had to go there!  But seriously, I do enjoy those but that is not all that I am.  My main things in life are travel, learning, music, and spending time with the ones I love.  Any time that I get to do all at once is even better!

I grew up traveling and listening to music.  I went to my first concert while still in diapers.  Seeing the national performers at the county fair was a yearly tradition, so I did not know any better until I got older.  Travel was a big part of my childhood as well. My dad had a factory job, which always shut down the last few weeks of the year.  We used this time as well as the summer when we were off of school to go anywhere and everywhere in our old Chevy van.  My dad turned it into almost an RV with benches and tables (that doubled as beds), mini fridge, sink, and lots of comfy blankets.  Our trips back then would be long and we would usually hit multiple places along our way.  I have seen most of the United States, short of a few states that I will need to go to one of these days.  In addition, my mother and her siblings are the first generation born in the U.S.  Their parents were born in Canada, which made for many a trip there as a child as well (before passports were required).  Once I grew up and started working and started becoming a responsible adult, I no longer had time or money to travel.  I made it a mission to travel at least twice a year, even if mini weekend trips, as I enjoyed seeing different cultures as well as just needing a break from work and daily stresses.  Since around 2001, maybe before, I have mostly kept up with this goal, minus a few hiccups here and there.  This site shares a bunch of these, as well as includes travel tips from experience.  I also welcome any insight or ideas from others as well.  As of this writing, my next “major” trip that is on my mind is to go to South America.  Looks like 2020 or later at this point due to everything else coming up.  Here’s hoping!  Check back for updates as I know more.

So what do I do when I am “stuck at home”?  Lots!  I already said music and learning are a big part of my life.  I attend concerts on a regular basis, sometimes in different states or countries while there or I book a trip there to see the artist!  Although I enjoy my music and the concert vibes, I am slowing down a lot on them now as I want to focus on other things. Also, I have seen everyone I want to see at least once (or they are not touring soon so someday!)  For work, I do mostly freelance stuff, since I cannot be tied down to anything because I am a hippie by nature and have too many interests/skills and need variety.  I love to learn as well and always bettering myself as you never know when you will need it and it is great to be able to conversate with anyone and everyone!

I alluded to school/learning a bit already.  I switched my majors multiple times, in part because an interesting class led me that way and also because I did not think I could deal with a job in that field for extended lengths of time.  Below are a list of my degrees (obtained or in process as I will always be a learner-watch the list grow!)  One of these days I strive to travel full time and be a translator, teach English as a foreign language, or just do something related to one of my degrees. In addition, I am also a writer and soon to be real estate agent (after I take the test!) so as you can tell, I enjoy being busy, but also relax super hard on any vacation!  Hit me up if you want to send any work my way also, be glad to help!

Computer Information Systems, Web Development and Administration (B.S.)

Graphic Information Technology (B.S.)

Forensic Psychology (B.S.)

Anthropology (B.S.)

Mathematics Education (B.A.)

Physics Education (M.A.)

Astrophysics (phD)